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The first step to any design project is discovery. Discovery is where LeetLab collects information on your target market, users within that market, and the context of what needs to be accomplished to make your product successful. 


Where pen meets paper, so to speak. In this step LeetLab will define the layout's structure, sans design. The end result is a blue print of our your product will function, from the workflow to the placement of elements.


This is where things come to life. In the prototype step, LeetLab will apply a design layer to the wireframe and string together the workflow using hotspots to emulate interactions. 


After the prototype is complete, you spend time with it. Throughout this time you'll find things you like, things you don't like, and then we'll work on the latter.


AKA: Usability Testing. After we mutual agree the design is ready, we'll connect with potential users to fully test the prototype in effort to see what works well and what does not. If something needs adjustment, LeetLab will revert to the previous step and iterate.


In order to maintain the project's momentum, elements on the prototype may not be pixel perfect. Before delivery, we'll be sure to run through the designs with a fine tooth comb...adjusting pixels, fonts, and create something that can be handed directly to your developer. 


The final step....handoff! Depending on the program used to design [Sketch or Photoshop], we'll provide native layered files as well as a Zeplin or Craft Inspect project. These projects show spacing between elements, colors, etc, and make your developer's life much easier. At this point we call the project a wrap and look forward to seeing your product succeed in the wild!

Now does every project go like this? No way. We know your project is special and we'll adjust as need be.

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